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  1. Sorry, this is a double post - it originally came back as spam so I wrote another.
  2. Right, in experimenting with this I've come across a few problems - one of which is that Cura withdraws a large amount of filament before printing when a model is sliced there, but I can't identify the line of code doing it. But one problem at a time. I have tested each of the following lines one by one and discovered that you need a new line after the last line of code for it to be performed. But I still can't get a one off extrusion to test a pre-print filament advance. [G28 M109 S200 G1 F3600 X100 Y100 Z15 E10.0 ] Any ideas on what on earth I've missed? All I want to see the code do at the moment is extrude some filament to make up for the loss after expansion at the end of a print.
  3. Hi all, I've started to invest in adjusting the G-Code that comes out of Cura to speed up the print and get a better first layer. However, I've started this investigation at the same time as upgrading to Cura 2.6.2. I'm really struggling to write in a bit of code that withdraws the filament at the end of a print, and then advances the filament prior to printing (the purpose of this is to remove filament from the extruder which expands at the end of the print, evacuating the extruder, leaving a gap in the first layer of the next print whilst the filament catches up). I've tried using [G1 E10 F200] with the intention of advancing 10mm at a feed rate of 200mm/min. I've tried it without the G1 code. Without the Fxx speed. What would be the right code to do nothing other than advance or withdraw filament? Cheers, OLC
  4. Thumbs up for this. I designed and printed off quite a complicated, 'organic' suspension linkage. It can be a challenge to set up something with very specific dimensions and I can't remember if the construction of your part uses associativity, but for 2-3 day courses it will be great. Window's 3D builder has some useful functionality too.
  5. Hi all, I've been experimenting with my G-Code to get some better results; I've not been able to pre-charge the extruder with filament to account for expansion at the end of a print during cool down. Getting this pre-charge will mean that there is filament in the extruder ready to lay down at the very first moment. Here is my code so far: ;Pre-print settings M104 S50 ;start heating extruder to temp M140 S30 ;Start heating bed to temp G28 ;Home all axis G1 Z15.0 ;Move the platform down 15mm M109 S50 ;wait until extruder is to temp M190 S30 ;Wait until bed is to temp G23 ;precharge filament INAFFECTIVE G1 E10 F200 ;Push xxmm of filament at xxxmm/min INAFFECTIVE ;End of pre-print settings ;Part G-Code here ;Start of post-print settings G1 E-10 ;retract filament INAFFECTIVE G22 ;retract filament INAFFECTIVE M104 S0 ;Set extruder temp M140 S0 ;set bed temp G1 X0 Y200 Z200 F3600 M84 ;End of G-Code As you can see, I've tried both a [G23] pre-charge code which my machine either doesn't support or isn't recognising, and a [G1 Exx] code to advance and withdraw the filament which also hasn't given e the desired results. Can anyone proof my syntax here and suggest what I've done wrong? I've tried with and without an [Fxx] unit speed to no avail. One thing that has just crossed my mind is that the machine's firmware might stop the movement of [Eaxis] if the extrude is at low temperature... but I have tried some variations of G-Code at 200deg. Maybe that code was wrong, whilst the temp was right, and this code is right, whilst the temp is wrong. Thanks all, OLC
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