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  1. I put the PLA in and changed the print core and it printed like a charm. So I am guessing the the PVA got too old and damp. Is the lesson to print what I need with PVA then take it off and store it? Thank you thank you thank you for your help. I was thinking the printer was ruined.
  2. Please help. I have a UM3+ and it has worked great for the past 2 years. Suddenly the PVA in printcore 2 is not extruding. Stopped working mid-print. I have 1) cleaned AND changed the print head 2) cleaned the feeder gears - even took the whole feeder assembly apart, cleaned it out and put it back together and 3) blew out the bowden tube with air. I am at my wit's end. I have searched all over the web and there are no possible solutions or even suggestions on how to re-assemble the feeder. I have a math camp starting next week and desperately need this to work. Thanks! Toni
  3. Hello I am about to start a big research project with middle school math teachers and have been struggling trying to learn a modeling software. I am currently trying Fusion360 but I think that is too intense and difficult for both teachers and students who will have about 2-3 days to learn the software. Can you please recommend something that will be easy for students and teachers to use and see results with fairly quickly? It doesn't have to be free just intuitive and able to print good 3D projects.
  4. This is fantastic. What software are you using for the kids?
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