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  1. I put the PLA in and changed the print core and it printed like a charm. So I am guessing the the PVA got too old and damp. Is the lesson to print what I need with PVA then take it off and store it? Thank you thank you thank you for your help. I was thinking the printer was ruined.
  2. Please help. I have a UM3+ and it has worked great for the past 2 years. Suddenly the PVA in printcore 2 is not extruding. Stopped working mid-print. I have 1) cleaned AND changed the print head 2) cleaned the feeder gears - even took the whole feeder assembly apart, cleaned it out and put it back together and 3) blew out the bowden tube with air. I am at my wit's end. I have searched all over the web and there are no possible solutions or even suggestions on how to re-assemble the feeder. I have a math camp starting next week and desperately need this to work. Thanks! Toni
  3. This is fantastic. What software are you using for the kids?
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