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  1. I figured it out. SketchUp issue, 'natch. There was ONE minuscule errant line.
  2. More info. It isn't just a build layer. It fills the interior up to the "windows' ledges." But the xray view shows nothing. I have checked and rechecked the Sketch-up model. Since i have printed out previous versions with no issue, this is baffling!
  3. Still no luck in fixing. Adding new photo that shows how it is showing this shadow. It is so frustrating! Any help GREATLY appreciated! I am VERY new to this! I received the 3D printer as a surprise Christmas gift from my husband. Me going crazy is not showing how much I love him!
  4. Help! I have been modeling a greenhouse for my model railroad. I am using SketchUp. I have had no problems using Cura until today. Now when I import the file, it is adding a "floor" to the thing! It looks like a shadow. If I "lift" the model, or otherwise manipulate it, the shadow stays, and the model is CLEARLY "floorless." Any ideas??? I am pulling my hair out!
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