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  1. Thanks for the nudge. Request has been lodged. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6631 @alexjx @Maikoel If you get a second to check out the github request and up-vote it that would be terrific.
  2. So its now 6 months later... Cura 4.1 is released to the public... And I don't see this fixed. Either the material settings should override other settings, or there needs to be a way to remove temp from the profile. How about this... That little button _next to_ each setting value... The one for calculated or manually set... How about if that cycled through instead of toggled.... Manual, calculated, profile, material value
  3. I imagine this shouldn't take much time to implement - just a simple loop. It would be really helpful if there was a button that would 'collapse all' of the settings groups (Quality, Shell, Infil {...}). That would make it really easy to 'collapse all' then work down all the settings one group at a time double checking everything, without having to either open/close every group every time or leaving them all open for a massively long list to scroll every time.
  4. Yeah - That could work - For me anyway. I won't try to speak for everyone.
  5. Where would this "job name" come from? Say I have 10 different models on the bed... 4 of them are called "body"... 2 are called "test" {...} So... where does "job name" come from?
  6. I appreciate the feedback. I"m not really worried about changes in settings on general terms. When I slice something new and am happy with the prototype print I then save the Cura Project file which is inclusive of the model, settings and placement. Also... Each instance is a different machine. So I don't have a concern for 3 instance of the same machine, with only one saving. Which is why I often have instances open. Slice object 1 on printer 1 - print it Slice object 2 for printer 2 - print it When #1 is done, make adjustments, print it {repeat until happy} Save the Cura project file for future use.
  7. When running multiple instances of Cura (one for each machine type for example) it would be great if the Windows Task Bar tab showed the name of the printer (or some of). With 3-5 instances of Cura open I find I keep bouncing back and forth trying to find the machine I want.
  8. You're not alone. I had tool path playback for a while. Then it was gone. NVIDIA GeForce GT630M running the main 2 monitors. MCT USB3.0 External Graphics Drive (HDM) running the third over USB3. This machine is fully up to date on OS and all drivers and latest Cura - though playback has been missing for a while.
  9. I know I can't be the first person to want this, but after lots of searching I see only one unanswered question for this. How can you align multiple models without having to laboriously set x & y one-by-one? Let's say you have 20 coins on the bed and you want them all in a row. You can't multi-select then change the Y, because that moves them all as a group. 100 parts means 100 individual settings, when it could be "select all in a column, set the X", "Select all in a row, set the Y"
  10. Same question as posted 7 months ago. This was working long ago, but still not working in current (3.2) version. Seems a shame to loose such a handy feature. Clearly its not about the engine failing to be threadsafe because it used to work and @Ambassador says its just a matter of bringing back manual selection in the UI again. I'd love to be able to run my Prusa i3 and my CR-10s5 in the same software at the same time instead of deciding which job needs to run on Cura and which on S3D
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