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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The CPE printed fairly well the TPU never stood a chance. String city. TPU (2) is over 1mm high off the build plate. I'm getting the unrealistic difference message after auto leveling. I tried manual for the first time unsuccessfully. I'll wait til the core is swapped out before printing dual core again. Great time to play around with the Python code. Wish List: 1. Modify @Unlimited Bacon's code to either set layer change capture as default or: 2. Create Time Function with (2) arguments
  2. ***************+++++++++++++_______________++++++++++************* @All thanks for contributing to the time lapse topic. the above quote discusses a previous built in time lapse capability. This would be useful for me as I print and run out of the office. Curremtly ,after unclogging, the the nozzle is leaking and it's touch and go. I started a print last night with CPE AND TPU and the temp remelted crystal PLA. Steam began blowing from the fan and globs of maple syrup randomly smeared early layers. I had to leave. I'll post the results. @Unlimited Bacon @MarcoTvM @HarrryPlotter et al: Wish List 1. Integrate the layer snapshot timing. 2. Add uploading of the completed file so no open ports or Pi's are needed. Attached is a photo of the plug removed from the nozzle. After separating the nozzle I put it in the microwave in a mug of soapy water. With bit of coaxing and wiggling it came free.
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