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  1. Thanks! I set „Max comb distance with no retract“ to something different than zero and it works! 🙂
  2. Is it possible to use this setting to avoid these diagonal travel lines on the first layer?
  3. Ah, interesting. Is it working? Is it possible to get this and where?
  4. It works. ? But what are these tiny yellow things on the rough infill? They need a lot amount of time. How can I remove them? (Yes I know, removing them will reduce the strength of the printed component.)
  5. @mastory I wanted to give Cura a time advantage over the competition, nothing else. ?
  6. Yes, this was the idea. Okay, other people had the same idea. I didn’t know. So this idea has been implemented already.
  7. Hi Cura developers! I found a way to print 0.1 mm resolution with nearly the print time of 0.3 mm resolution. I wanted to patent it, but a patent is too expensive for me. So I will give the idea to You for free. ? We (the community) can use Cura for free. So I think I can give back something. ? Cura is my favourite slicer. And I like to see this idea in the best slicer of the world. So, If You are interested in my idea to get 0.1 mm resolution with nearly the speed of 0.3 mm resolution, please answer to this post. I will give You the idea for free. But I don’t want
  8. Ah, okay. But a developer can exchange the strings. If the OS sends „Wechseldatenträger“ to Cura, the application can replace it with an other word. if (drive=="Wechseldatenträger") { loc_drive«“SD-Card"<<endl; } And when the people, who localize the app, would using „h“ instead of „Stunden“ it would solve the problem too (see screenshot).
  9. Maybe, but this is not the subject of this thread. ;-) And it seems to be incorrect too: Cura for Mac is able to identify the kind of volume. I am not using the UM3, so this does not matter (and it is not the problem discussed here.) The subject is an UI issue in the localization of Cura.
  10. No, there are no totals (see screenshot). But it is possible to switch to „Speichern in Datei“ (save to file) instead of „Speichern auf Wechseldatenträger“. (see screenshot) The developers should replace „Wechseldatenträger“ with „SD-Card“, it’s a lot shorter! ;-)
  11. Yes, but only with the the values of the different types of lines, not with the value of the whole part. This is not really a workaround. A workaround is to use the englisch version.
  12. Okay, it can be left. I’m not embarrassed. ;-)
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