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  1. Toolpath precision / accuracy of gcode-output

    (downsampling doesn t do the best / entire job) why: Dear gr5 - thanks for your fast reply - but downsampling the input mesh-data will not do the optimum reduction. if the triangles or quads of the initial mesh are sliced close to vertices - the slicing result will have very short segments - nearly identical points. the offset of this polyline then might even have smaller segments. i am searching to filter those points / segments with a certain tolerance / deviation (for me 0.1 to 0.5mm would be great). thanks again best tom
  2. Dear Everybody I am working with a very rough ceramics extruder - 6mm nozzle size, quite big objects. (up to 1x1x1 m) Is there any possibility to set precision / roughness of cura s g-code output ? i would love to have / or search something like a "minimum gcode step length" setting. "maximum toolpath deviation" setting i would love to have smaller file sizes, less lines of gcode, bigger steps / distances between each G01 position. ( I know i can downsample the input .stl, but still cura will perform offset calculation for each slice / layer. ) Or is there any filter / plug-in that allows to access the geometrie data before g-code is generated / exported ? thanks for your support. best from Zürich / Switzerland Tom

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