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  1. Again, I'm having the same issue :/ I did not find another way to solve the isseue than repeating this routine:
  2. Edit: Now I copied the User/AppDate/Local and Roaming folder content from one of the PCs with a working Cura profile to the affected PC. Now it works againg. But - how is this going to be solved If there would be no working Cura installation to copy the cfg from? Thank you.
  3. Hello Dear Forum, this is my first Post Today I have a short question about Cura: On one of our PCs Cura cannot be used correctly, there is always a notice about a conflict between the combination of the two loaded materials; however: - Only one material is selected for use, so no FFF - Recommended configuration, i.e. no custom parameters - No supports On all other computers this problem is not displayed, with the exact same configuration What I tried to do: - Cura Connect Reset - Printe Factory Reset - Delete the local Cura settings on the affected computer in the User/AppDate/Local and Roaming folder But I still have that corrupted view on one single PC (see the attachment), all others have the "normal" interface. When printing, CURA then does not apply, for example, a raft, as would be customary for PC (Polycarbonate), I think other settings are affected badly as well. Generally unsatisfactory. What is most annoying is that no Print Speed / Layer Height setting is possible (except by switching to "Custom" settings). Do you have any clue? Thank you!
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