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  1. Ok did not work. Massive mess. I put the fan to 5%, It was a 2 day print. There is less splitting, but a bad mess
  2. Where can I find the fan speed in Cura
  3. I was using CPE and the default normal setting Cura V4 - 60mm/s speed default printing temp 240
  4. The plate has moved, I will move it back and try again.
  5. I have UM3 and using ABS and CPE. All current big jobs the layers are splitting. Settings .2 layer height Infill 40 support on It's done this every time now. Please advice? Julian
  6. Hi there, Bought a cover for the UM3 extended version, but received a smaller version. I have a laser cutter and looking for the dxf file for the door cover. Does anybody have access to these files? Cheers Julian
  7. Ok will look. It just suddenly jumped, that was it. The spool feed got jammed. Maybe that what affected it. I will contact my reseller. Julian
  8. Done tried that, no response from the y switch. The x switch works.
  9. Hi Didier, Yes that was the issue, the Y axis switch is not working. Please advice on how to repair. regards Julian
  10. Youtube video I am having trouble with my UM3. The UM3 is making a vibrating noise of the x and y steppers. Please advice. Cheers Julian
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