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  1. I may try PVA but I still think there is something wrong with the normal support somehow, it shouldnt be that bad. I checked the part cooling fans and they do work fine. I will test some prints with different z distances, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I am also looking for a solution to this. I will probably just make custom profiles and import them by hand to the other computers. But a solution via dropbox or easier even per network share would be awesome. Especially since Ultimaker is geared towards businesses and this is probably a useacase that comes up often, I guess. At least in our company it is a problem at the moment. Also a long time in the making: ?
  3. PLA-PLA, havent tried PVA yet, because it is pretty expensive and often not necessary for us. We dont need perfect print quality because most things we print are only for functional tests. But this is so bad, it even makes some problems for the function. I would guess this has something to do with bridging? Should I do a bridging test print? Maybe one of the part cooling fans are broken? But this would cause an error message I suppose?
  4. Hello, in general the UM3 works fine for us, but the print quality of the surface where the support connects to the print is really bad. Picture1: bad print quality where the support used to be, 0.8mm nozzle, with support roof Picture2: rest of the same print, quality is fine Picture3: another part, same problem, nozzle 0.4mm, without support roof, just normal support. Material: PLA Is this common with Ultimaker/Cura? Or is something wrong?
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