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  1. I have just discovered that Cura3.5.0 is unable to slice any of my previous models, so it looks like there is a problem with my installation Cura 3.5.0. I will reinstall it and try again.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have tried again and still get "Unable to slice". Could you send me the Cura settings which you are using? Also, one thing that puzzles me is that the image, which appears in your post, has the top section of the part missing. I have attached a screen shot of what it looks like on my machine. Is this relevant?
  3. Cura 3.5.0 on Mac High Sierra !0.13.6 is "Unable to slice" the attached file, although Cura 3.4.1 slices it ok. ControlBoardFrame.stl
  4. When I type FreeCADCmd to the Mac terminal it says "-bash: FreeCADCmd: command not found". Presumably, this means that I have not installed a command line interface for FreeCAD. How would I do that? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I am using macOS High Sierra 10.13.5, so that may be the problem. Can anyone help on this, or can I try to modify the plugin code myself?
  6. This is my first post, so I hope I am sending it to the correct part of the forum. I wanted to tag it Cura+Plug-ins, but could not find the Plug-in tag. I have installed the FreeCAD plug-in on Cura3.4 and the *.FCStd files are now selectable in the Open File box, but when I open one, I get an error message saying that the file is unreadable. Anyone know why, or had the same problem? HughAJ.
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