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  1. Hi Priddy, I don't use Cura Connect (exactly for reasons like this that make simple hardware connections much easier to manage). I suppose I could have tried just removing the USB stick. I ended up doing a factory reset, which solved the initial problem, but then while loading the materials in the UM3's system, it kept throwing errors that there were "too many materials" and then when I tried to manually select a material, it kept bucking me back to the "too many materials" error screen. Again, each of these screens only had one option to continue, no "cancel" or "back"
  2. I started a print but noticed nothing was coming out of the nozzle, so I aborted to troubleshoot. Every time I try to do something (I'm trying to move material through the nozzle to check it), the printer just re-starts the print, right as I am trying to do something else. I restarted the printer several times, went to Material>Move, but over and over, the printer just randomly tries to re-start the print in the middle of heating the nozzle to move material. Of course my first question is: what is going on and how do I stop it? My second question is: why are the
  3. Hi kmanstudios, Agree absolutely. I was frustrated with the software doing something so inexplicable, and surprised that there wasn't an explanation easily found. I apologized to gr5, I can only imagine how much thankless work goes into moderating here. Thanks for your comment!
  4. Hey gr5! Aww now I feel like a prick. Sorry for the snark. Impatience got the best of me. I'll go back and edit my reply to focus on the solution. Thanks!
  5. Well, I tinkered through the software long enough to figure it out. It's the "prime tower" in Custom Settings. It must be a new feature, I have no idea why it is so opaque and enabled by default with no information on mouseover or at least selectable, but whatever, now I know. Hopefully other people with the same issue will find this and it could help them. Edited for politeness
  6. Adding objects to a project in Cura, I notice a circular "shadow" in the corner. The object only becomes visible in X-ray view, it is a cylinder of mixed primary/support material. I have no idea how it got there or why it is there. I cleared the plate and started over. It's still there. I can't select it or delete it. If I turn off Support material, it goes away. It appears as soon as I bring a model onto the build plate, disappears when I clear the plate. I tried updating/restarting Cura, it's still there. Any ideas what the heck this thing is and how to get rid of it? Screenshot
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