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  1. Thanks for the post! Looks pretty easy. I am out of the office for a bit but will see if I can get someone else to attack it. Cheers!
  2. Hey folks, Been learning our printer some more and notice that there is a skew in the prints. I believe along the X axis (looking at the printer left to right). After playing and looking I finally noticed that the metal rod the print head travels upon left to right is visibly offset. The right side is about 3cm closer to the back of the printer then the left side. Wondering how you adjust this? Thanks! Mike
  3. Failed prints were via usb. Success was via network.. I will play with it when time allows and confirm. thanks! Mike
  4. I have not looked at the print yet, I just checked remotely and saw it completed printing. Just read your other post about gr5.. Crappy USB may well be it. Makes me want to try it again with another stick.. The other thing I changed is the successful one was a network print vs. from USB. Could be related as well.. I have a MP Select 2 I just got at home. The kids and I are learning it together. My 10 year old designed a printed a dice with engraved numbers. My daughter is printing a her lucky numbers attached to a post.. So very cool to introduce them to this stuff. I found myself looking at so many things today thinking.. I could print something to fix that.. I will do some more testing tomorrow if time allows and post back. again thanks! Mike
  5. Had a look.. The print finished successfully. Not sure if it is selecting the correct filament that is loaded or coincidence.. I will keep playing.. Sorry to raise the help flag a little to early!! Mike
  6. This is the one that is currently printing... Trying some more stuff ? I noticed I had Cura set to PLA while we have Tough PLA loaded. I was getting an error message while starting to print (from usb). I thought it was saying the project was calling for Tough PLA and we only had PLA.. Turns out I had it backwards.. Anyways I spent some time with CURA and noticed it can pull the filiment type from the S5.. So its now set to the right kind...... So trying that with with a network print now instead of USB. Anyways if its not to much work here is the file. If not I can advise in the morning if it works or not. UMS5_iPad_Bracket_10in.curaproject.3mf
  7. Brand new to all of this.. Making my way through.... Trying to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2825552 Its a extension so that I can mount my ipad on my Phantom controller.. Print gets about 1/4 of the way in and stops with the error: Detected move outside of normal printer volume I am bringing the STL in CURA 3.41 and going with more less default options. Although I did try a second and third print and varied the layer height. With a larger layer height I did get a little further into the print but it still stops with the same error. After the error I need to powercycle the printer. I have print a couple other small jobs successfully.. Thoughts folks? Again my apologies I am just learning my way around these things.
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