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  1. Sure did, even generated a custom filament with the correct specs and it still won't print correctly. The line on the first layer lay down so thin they won't even touch each other. Switch to a cr10 profile and it works like it should. Something about the custom printer profile just doesn't work. I've tried 3.5, 3.51, 3.6 and the betas and usually end up uninstalling them and going back to 3.4.1 since I can force a different diamiter in the side bar.
  2. I've seen thank and plan on testing that plugin, was just curious if it would get corrected so the machine settings would work.
  3. Every version of Cura since they removed the filament size in the side bar if I set up a custom printer I get massive underextrusion. It acts like I'm running 2.85mm filament no matter what I set it too. Works great if I grab a premade printer file with 1.75 filament, but my printer is duel extruders with a odd bed size. Will they ever fix this or put the ability to force the size to something back in the side bar?
  4. I get the same issues, I made a custom fdm printer with .4 nozzle and 1.75 filament, I changed my filament to a custom 1.75 filament and when i do it tells me its not compatible. No matter where I change the filament size it still prints this way with 3.5. in 3.4.1 i change it and the side bar and all it good. I uninstalled all versions of cura and just reinstalled 3.5 (twice) using a custom printer with the correct settings and still get massive under extrusion. It won't even connect the lines on the first layer they are so thin.
  5. Basically just that this is what happens when I play with the settings.
  6. While I do love that if fixed one issue I was having with Tree supports, in the latest stable version (they would randomly change size on large prints and just start printing out in thin air) I have a new issue with tree supports (yea I know its all experimental) If I change 3 of the settings in speed it sets it all up fine, if I change 4 it ignores that 1/3 of the model needs support.
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