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  1. I tried moving the build plate closer to the hot end and it helped a little. However, the filament feeder is just gnarling up the filament rather than feeding it through. I've already increased the temperature to 230C. Does it need to be even hotter? Did running out filament maybe destroy the hot end somehow, causing it not to heat as well as before? What should I do?
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm having an issue with my Ultimaker 2. I had a print running that quoted 21 hours to finish. About 1/3 of the way through, the filament ran out and I did not catch it. So it continued to "print" for about 14 hours with no filament running through the nozzle. Since then, I cannot get the printer to print. The filament will not stick to the plate on the first layer. I've done several Atomic Method cleanings in the nozzle, i've releveled the build plate several times, and reinstalled the filament a number of times as well. Below you can see a video of a print attempt that I just made. This is with stick glue on the build plate. I've tried a few different glues and also a clean plate without any luck. I also had to increase the temperature of the nozzle to 230C for PLA. It was set at 210C prior to the incident; but after, filament would not extrude at that temperature. Any tips or suggestions on how to proceed? IMG_2628.m4v.zip
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