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  1. I will pile on to the problem here. Same issue using SeeMeCNC Artemis 2 in to 1....
  2. Ok, so here is what I did. I had to un-hide the gradual infill steps height box in my profile by putting a value in the gradual infill steps box. Then I entered a value in the infill steps height box of 1. After that, I set the gradual infill steps back to zero, which hid the box for gradual infill step height but retained the value in the profile. Now that there is a 1 in there, regardless of the status of the infill steps, I no longer get the "per-model settings" error. And it makes no further mention of prime tower position either. -Brian
  3. In the little box underneath the model on the build plate it says "unable to slice due to some per-model settings". I can see if I set these things in my profile but it does say per-model in the error message.
  4. Sure, here is the screen shot. You can see in the bottom right it says 'unable to slice', and in the bottom middle there is the error message. I get this for every model I try.
  5. Hello, I recently started trying CUra 3.4.1 for my slicing software. It has been a learning curve but successful prints come out great. I am having one curiosity occur that I would like some help to stop. Every model I load says it needs the same 'per model' settings defined in order to slice. In the message I get it says I need to define 'gradual infill step height, Prime tower x position, Prime tower Y position.' I have my graual infill steps in my profile set to zero, so by my understanding the value in 'gradual infill step height' should not matter.
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