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  1. Thank you all, looks like I will be testing out speeds a lot over the next week. Interesting about the jerk and acceleration control so I will experiment with that for the functional prints. Even going up to 100mm/s could drastically reduce my print queue so this is very useful for me!
  2. Great thank you Smithy! Would there be a red line that is not recommended to go over? I have been happy with putting up the speed to 70-80mm/s but would feel uneasy pushing it up over 100mm/s
  3. Hi all, I've been using the Ultimaker S5 for the past few months and been really impressed with the quality of build, dimensional accuracy (apart from reaally small holes!) and reliable prints (haven't had a failed print due to the printer yet). What I have seen, and has been mentioned on here before is the relatively slow speed of the printer to get that quality. Has any other users pushed the standard default settings for speed to its upper limits to find out how the S5 copes? It'd be great to be able to up the efficiency of the machine even more! Hopefully not to the detriment of quality too much, but dimensional accuracy and part strength is more what I'm interested in as I'm making mostly functional prints. Thank you all!
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