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  1. hi guys The material is a relatively low shore elastomer, I am not sure of the chemical composition... I managed to have it stick to a sanded aluminium plate and adjusting the bed level. @gr5 : I tried the dissolved glue but the heat seemed to make the first layer move on the bed thank you so much for your answers!
  2. Hi all, this is my first topic, I hope I am not re-opening an existing one! I appear to try some exotic and very flexible materials. I can not manage to have it stick correctly on the build plate. I tried basically all options I usually do : glue, PEI film on aluminium build plate, "naked" aluminium plate, different levelings. The best I reached was on naked aluminium and with a relatively high flow on a not-to-from-bed leveled nozzle... Would any of you guys have experience on soft materials ? Thank you very much! Gush
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