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  1. Hi and thank you for the quick reply. The part is big enough to accommodate all walls and skin, so the walls are not touching. Just to be sure, I tested on a 200x200mm square with a hole in the middle, and does the same thing. Best regards, Razvan
  2. Hi there I generally try to solve my issues before going out and posting threads, but found no relevant info on the matter. When checking "optimize wall printing order" and "outer before inner walls", cura prints the outside wall for the part first but then goes and prints the holes inner wall first and then comes back and prints the rest of the outside walls. Is this normal behavior or am I missing something? Shouldn't all neighboring walls be printed first, then move to the next set of neighboring walls, outside wall first, and so on? If I do not check "optimize wall printing order", holes also get outside wall first, but there is also a lot of back and forth travel. Am I missing a tickmark somewhere? I'm new to this 3d printing thingy so please be gentle 🙂 Much appreciate the help and all the work put into Cura. Best regards, Razvan
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