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  1. Hi, It's possible install marlin and change the delta type to cartesian type?
  2. No, the impression is translucent, the light passes through, with the ALTA software
  3. Hello, I configured Cura to print in ALTA but the print is not good, this is my configuration Start G-Code End G-Code pueden ayudarme por favor?
  4. Thank you, I have calibrated and changed the diameter and since the Alta program everything is fine, but in CURA the PLA is not able to stick to the surface, will there be any extra configuration?
  5. At the moment of beginning to print the PLA is not stuck to the surface and the material sticks to the hot tip, I do not know if this is a calibration issue
  6. Hello, I new in the 3d printer world, I have a Alta printer, and I configured the printer in CURA but don't works, this is my settings in cura. PD. si alguien habla español seria genial 😛
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