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  1. The more I use skethup, the more I like it, til I try to print, yesterday found the 24 segments circle bug, draw a circle, print a polygon... check the printer, draw a circle, print a polygon!!! Realy?? A polygon?? Just 24?? I go back to autocad...
  2. Hi! I installed several pluggins, inspector and solver and none worked, I readed something about sketchup doesn’t draw watertight objects or something like this, so triyed fusion 360, unable to draw a simple square, ended installing stl exporter pluggin and do the job, seems that the problem is the .obj file
  3. I draw a piece I want to print, when opened with cura, the design changes, tried redrawing it many times, tried straight lines instead of arcs, allways wrong, autocad opens it correctly. Better a few images... Many thanks!!
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