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  1. Cura creates implicit G-Codes after the Start G-Code and before the sliced object. ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine mb-master-20210516 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode ; >>> Printer Start G-code ; allow preheat in fluiid/mainsail ;M109 S235.0 ;M190 S75 ;M106 S0 ; start gcode is handled by Klipper START_PRINT T_TOOL=235.0 T_BED=75 FAN_SPEED=0 ; <<< exit Start G-code G92 E0 ; >>> Extruder Start G-code ; <<< Extruder Start G-code G92 E0 G1 F1800 E-2 ;LAYER_COUNT:32 ;LAYER:0 How can I convince CURA not to insert this implicit retract before Layer 0?
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