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  1. Hi, I recently received a 3D printer for Christmas and have been playing with it non stop because it is so cool. Anyway, I initially had a few problems starting out, but I was able to solve them all until my printer started to drag across the print bed before a print. What I mean by this is that the print starts and then the printer decreases Z-height even though it is at the minimum Z-height it can be at. This results in the nuts that push the X carriage up come out and the nozzle is rested on the bed and it causes prints to fail as no filament can come out. I am using Cura as my slicing software and the software was working prior to this but all of a sudden something happened where the printer thought that it had to decrease Z before a print, even though it doesn't. My bed is level and my nozzle is at the correct height and everything else mechanical is working properly. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated for I want to get back to 3d printing as soon as possible. Thanks!
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