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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I did some test on my materials and the end results are similar to what this person did in youtube. Seems like PETG is really hard to catch fire compared to ABS. But I rarely see PET being used in electrical enclosure, maybe of its lower melting point. I heard that PC is a better material for engineering application, but I guess PC will be even harder to print as my ABS warping problem is already hard to solve. I will try the ABS+ material in my next project to see if it can improve on warping.
  2. maybe there is a way to just modify the gcode? I think Cura should add this feature.
  3. Hello, To avoid warping when printing ABS, I would like to keep the air temperature high and avoid any large air temperature fluctuation . I already have an enclosed top and door for my UM2E+. But the print still slightly warp after printing, so I suspect that the build plate homing creates a large temperature shock to the model since the air temperature at the bottom of the UM2E+ is usually lower just after printing. The fact that it is an "extended" ultimaker makes it even worse. I want to be able to let the model cool down slowly first before homing the built plate down to the bott
  4. Hello, I am using 3D printing to make electrical enclosure. We all know that heat resistance of ABS is a little better than PETG. But besides the Tg value, I want to make sure the material will not burn at high heat which will increase the safety factor for using it in electrical application. In that case, would anyone recommend PETG over ABS?
  5. Yes, it worked! Attached is the code. UM2_bed_check_v1.1.gcode
  6. Thanks and the code was tested okay. The only thing is I added one more z-hop before the first move. Also it should go to the left side before the right side to make it the same as the normal calibration steps. I was trying to add a statement //action:pause without success. I want to be able to manually push the button to proceed instead of wait for a fix number of seconds.
  7. Hi CarloK, Thanks for your code. I wonder can this code be used in UM2E+ ? Because I do not understand how to change the head positions. Do you mean I should modify the Gcode myself?
  8. Actually I wonder if there is a way to generate a G code to home the print head to the three points without printing?
  9. Hi, Is it possible to verify the build plate calibration without going through the adjustment process again? That means I just want to home the print head to the three points for checking. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I cannot find the "UltiGcode" selection in G-code flavor. Is it the same as the "Ultimaker 2" selection?
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