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  1. @geert_2 Thanks for the suggestion on let the parts overlap when making a union. Yes the part is made by a union of a rod and a spiral, and in fact i had some problems in making a union of them in the beginning, and I solved it by let them overlap as you suggested. After that i could make a union of them without any errors, and then I thought the problem was solved. But apparently it was not :-/ @kmanstudios Thanks for the link to the validating tool, I will use this tool to try to find the reason for the error that I am seeing. I think that I am doing something wrong, rather then
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I am not using Sketchup, but I am using freecad to make the 3D models in. But now I at least know where the root cause of the problem is. Can any of you recommend a tool to validate the stl files with? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Cura. I have been using Cura slicing software for a couple of years now are very satisfied with the results. However yesterday i tried to printing a auger with two different increases, and half of it looked fine but the other half was very fragile. When i looked at the layers inside the slicer i spotted that on some layers the support was inside the printed element. Can somebody tell me what I have configured wrong in my configuration to end up with this result? Thanks in advance FTFT5_Snegl.3mf
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