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  1. Quick question. Have you guys manually registered the DLL files in blender, or have blender in your path?
  2. Pretty awesome. I love it when people work together 😄
  3. Not yet. can't get it to accept my file association change. I'll keep tinkering and keep you posted. The issue will resolve itself when blender 2..8 comes out of beta and gets an installer.
  4. oho. That might be an actual problem. When i try and change the file type association (windows 10) on .blend files from the 2.79 executable to the 2.8 one, it seems like the change takes effect, but when I double click a .blend file it still opens in 2.79
  5. What version are you using? Now I'm just extra confused. I just tried just unzipping the hook_bathroom.blend file in a seperate directory, and I can open that one fine by itself in 2.8B. When I try and open it in blender 2.79 it doesn't load anything. I think the new blender file format is somewhat different from the old one. Oh well. I'll wait until blender 2.8 comes out of beta and just use export stl until then.
  6. Oooooh. It might be that blender 2.8B saves the actual models in the blend1 files. Hang on. Try this one hook_bathroom.zip
  7. Hi Thopiekar. Thanks for all your hard work. I have a problem with your blender integration plugin. I have installed the plugin and restarted cura. I have made a simple model in blender 2.8beta Can the fact that i'm using blender beta have something to do with it? I do have regular blender installed, too. I'm attaching my .blend file, so you can try it, and see if it's just my file that is bad. In the zip file are 2 blender files. The "hook" file is the one that fail for me, and the "stopper" does load. hook_bathroom.zip
  8. I'm not asking about the ultimaker printers. I do own a different brand. I'm asking specifically about Cura version 3. Does the retraction settings for the "material" settings take precedence over your "profile" settings, or the other way around?
  9. Hi. I'm a bit confused about the retraction (and the other settings) you can apply per material you select. Does the material settings override the settings I make in my Profile, or does Profile settings override Material settings? I would hope it was Material settings that take precedence, but it doesn't seem like it.
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