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  1. I'm having problems with some models I made in cinema 4d where my printer anet A8 extrude not enough filament to make contact on the heat bed. My suspicion is that there is something wrong with the model and not cura or the anet, because it happened a few times where I have to remake the model or change it's position to print correctly, and if I print another gcode file I made previously it just prints normally as it should. But now seems like it's not working anymore, and I don't know what to do about IT. I'll post an image of what it looks like. I also tried to fix the model errors for
  2. Hi it's me again, can I ask you what is this program for voxels you talk about here? I think I need it for fixing another similar problem
  3. yo thank you so much for helping me! Much apreciated 🙂 the 3D models I'm trying to use are ripped directly from a game files, I take it on cinema 4d because I found it more compatible if the model is rigged and have animations, after that i transform all the mesh layer into one. I already done this with other 2 models and printed normally as I expected, maybe this was particular case. Anyway thx again! 😄
  4. mmhh, thanks for pointing it out, what is your suggestion to fix it?
  5. strange, try this one, I enlarged it with cinema 4d that I used for making it bagon-2.obj
  6. Hi, here's the obj file I'm trying to use. thx in advance bagon.obj
  7. Hi, I tried to search on the internet for a solution to my problem, essentially I'm trying to prepare the print file of a 3D model. But when I preview the print in slice mode, there are parts missing. Reading on different posts, I saw that the problem may be cause by thin walls, I tried to thicken the shell and enable "print thin walls" option but nothing works. And that's not all: the missing parts change when I rotate the model, here are some examples Does someone have a solution to this? Thx in advance 🙂
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