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  1. Hey! Thank you for sharing your solution. I'm not sure if that will work out for me, as I have a complete part in the beginning and I split it into 2 single pieces on purpose. After the first part is printed I want to rotate the build plate and then continue printing with the second part (to avoid support material). But I'm happy to hear that you found a way to print your part! 🙂
  2. Unfortunately not. I'm still trying to measure with my cad software. I also tried other slicers to find out if one is capable of measuring or to find the same position like in the orignal draw. But nothing out there 😕
  3. This is where my part should be placed: This is where Cura places it: If I correct the position in Cura it's not precise enough
  4. The problem is that I have one body which I spilt into two parts. I print the first part of the body. Then I want the second part printed at a certain place. In my cad design it's on the right position, but when I open it with cura it's centred in the middle of the build plate. I've already tried to align it manually and measure the distance of the different origins with my cad software but it's never exactly at the point where I want the second part to be printed.
  5. Is there any possibility that cura places my imported stl file not in the geometric centre of my part but with the same origin/ coordinate system as it has in my cad design (fusion 360)? Thank you for your help!!
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