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  1. Yep, that's what I've started to do. So far I've been able to set the display, configure the bed heater and the dual extruders with the heater for each. But the axis seems inverted. I have trouble fixing that correctly for now. Also, I'm supposed to work right now, so, I only test when Android Studio is Building 😅
  2. Hye, actually to be sure I opened it up. And it actually contain an MKS base_l v1.0 and a display MKS MINI12864 v1.0 so Marlin's firmware are good with it. But that's actually not an ultimaker original indeed.
  3. Well, the outside might be different yeah... but inside it's possibly an ultimaker original. Where could i find a recovery image and how to flash the arduino with it?
  4. Hello, Someone just gave me an old 3d printer. It's supposed to be an ultimaker, but I can't find the said model (ultimaker dreamaker). I apparently need to change the firmware on it since it's not booting, the screen stays blank. But as I'm not sure of the model, I don't know where to start searching. I've attached a picture of the printer, in case someone could have a clue. I'm living in China, so maybe it's a model made only here, no idea...
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