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  1. Ah I understand, thanks for your reply! I was just wondering then, is there a way to folderise/categorise your custom profiles? So like all my Filamentive profiles could be in a folder and all my Ridgid.Ink ones could be in another for example? If I'm talking daft feel free to tell me! I just want to learn how to be more organised with the software and cant really find much out about this specific query. If it isn't a feature could I make this a feature request? lol Thanks a lot, All the best, Will :)
  2. Hello there, I hope this hasn't been asked before but I couldn't find the information i needed on google 😞 I have a bunch of user profiles now and they display in the list all the time. This has made things very hard to manage even with a good naming scheme. I was wondering if there is a way to only display the profiles that are derived from the material that is currently selected. For example I have added Filamentive to my materials so when i have that selected I would only see the the profiles I made that were derived from the default profiles of that material. I also see profiles from the other printers I own in the list so you can imagine why this is confusing! Is there such a feature or is my profiles bugged in some way? Hope all this makes sense! Thanks a lot All the best Will 🙂
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