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  1. This is very strange, I selected, Settings> Printer> Add> Custom and now the Nozzle size appears
  2. Hi, where is the Nozzle Size in the new Cura 4.0.0, when you set a new printer?
  3. Ok, now I get it, I tested it and it works great, bye bye filename. Thank you very much Ahoeben.
  4. I really want to display the layer number, but I do not want to display the filename on LCD, there is no space in my LCD. I know I can use search and replace to replace to remove the filename, but I need to enter in every g-code change the search field, etc... In my understanding there should or might be an option to do this in the Configure Cura menu automatically. As this option does not exist yet, I will use the search and replace to do the job.
  5. Hi, If there is no other way I'll do it, but I want an option to generate the g-code without the filename inside. Time is money!
  6. Hello, Is there a way to remove (or better, not generate) the filename inside gcode by cura4.0.0? ex. M117 Tail_1.0 layer: 0. Tail_1.0 is my filename. (appears with each layer change) I do not want to use the search and replace plugin. Thanks
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