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  1. Since I went to a larger print, I've been working to get more blobs removed from internal vertical support structures. I have found that if the travel moves are more random and I set the temperature for the ABS Pro to 230 with the print speed at 50mm/s, travel speed at 180mm/s with the travel acceleration to 3000mm/s^2 and the retract acceleration to 10000mm/s^2, I get far less stringing and blobs. I've left the flow rate at 100% and no cooling since this is ABS Pro. I would try to find as low a temp as possible and then mess with the travel speed, retract speed, travel acceleration, retract acceleration and randomize the travel points as much as possible so the head doesn't travel along the same line from point to point.
  2. I believe I may have solved the issue I am having. A larger print will be the proof. I've attached an image for reference. Here are the main settings. I set the print rate to 75mm/s, turned of Z-hop, increased retraction from 40mm/s and 2mm to 100mm/s and 6mm. Right now, I have the travel speed set to 100mm/s and I know for a large print, this is going to be way too small so I'm going to try 180mm/s and hopefully won't loose the Y-axis setting. I tried 200mm/s in the past and that really screwed with the Y-axis setting. So, the photo shows primarily three different Z-hop settings. The far left is 6mm, the middle is 2mm and the far right is no Z-hop. As you can see, there is still some slight blobbing and some very tiny strings that I couldn't see until I help the test cube in some pretty bright light. I've also attached a file of my settings. ABS Pro Ultimaker Cura Settings.3mf
  3. I keep wrestling with the same issue. I am printing with ABS Pro white from Zyltech. I am slicing with Ultimaker Cura 3.6.0. I've attached my settings for everyone's reference. I've tried temperature ranges from 260 to 195. Best adhesion is 250 - 260C. My adhesion is Capton Tape over steel. My printer is a Tevo Tornado. All is stock, no upgrades. I'm running Marlin v1.1.8. I've varied the print speed from 10mm/s to 60mm/s. I have retraction working. I have tried both coasting and combing at "All" and "Not in Skin." I seemed to be able to get some of the blobbing reduced to some point that is nearly acceptable, however, I cannot get rid of the stringing no matter what I try. Any and all feedback would be welcome. Ultimaker Cura Settings.3mf
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