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  1. @Juskuboy I don't want 100% infill bc the part would be really stiff. I need it to be more flexible. @gr5 I'll start answering in your questions in order: 1) The outermost wall is the last one. 2) I'm currently trying that. Everything was left the same apart from line width (which was 0.5mm to 0.4mm). This size might seem odd, but I'm using creawesome mod (https://github.com/trouch/CreawsomeMod) and indeed my PLA prints got much better (in expenses of more printing time, I used to print at 60mm/s. Now I do it at 50mm/s). 3) I will. 4) Those speeds change, 40mm/s is just for infill. Everything else is about half (Except for travel movements of course). 5) Yup, I might do that as well if this settings I'm currently trying fails. 6) I've already put the oiler (I've already printed it before but never used bc wasn't necessary for PLA). The Ender 3 is a Bowden printer. 7) Yes, I might need to keep an eye during printing. Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated.
  2. Better on the under extrusion side, but still getting adhesion problems on the walls. Isn't there something that I could tweak so that the wall lines are closer to each other? The old one is the one on the right (of course xd)
  3. I'm using an Ender 3, and the filament is a new national filament (which is supposed to be printed with the same settings as PLA, because it's not a filament that much flexible). I will try oiling it, the settings I'm currently using are: - temp: 220C - speed: 50mm/s - flow: 110% - retraction enabled, 5mm @ 25mm/s I know that these settings aren't for most flexible filaments, but as I'm telling you this is a "new" "experimental" filament type. Supposed to be just as easy to print as PLA (and so far, aside that inconvenience, the prints are flawless, I attach a side/bottom view of the print) I'm currently printing another with these new settings (and I included the oiler): - temp: 220C - speed: 40mm/s - flow: 115% - retraction enabled, 6mm @ 25mm/s I'll let you know what happens.
  4. I want to know if there's a setting for extruding the walls more close to each other. I attach a picture of my problem, I have a slight under extrusion (I increased the flow and decreased speed, now I'm printing another test) but the most notable problem here is that the wall lines are not so close to each other and they aren't fusing together. When applying a little force, they get separated.
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