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  1. how to select positive or negative printing on a holophane using Anycubic I3 Mega
  2. Hi there, I started using Cura some 12 months ago and up until December I have printed some 100 plus items with no problem that is until I downloaded 4.4.1 and from that moment nothing. I download item from thingiverse, save, click on saved item this opens in a new window with a yellow file box at top of several others, if I click on this it changes to however many components there are all with blue file boxes with letter C in them, if I then click on any one after a delay of about 5 secs a black box appears and after a short wait the screen changes to a depiction of a printer with the item in question sitting in the middle I could then slice and send to SD card ready to go into my AnycubicI3 mega printer. Right now all follows as above until I click on Blue C item required, and nothing. What is going on ? your help is required. I am retired and do a lot of printing for charitable set ups Regards, Brian Phillips
  3. I do not use an Ultimaker printer but use an Anycubic i3Mega and Cura, I am trying to print a jet engine model but find some of the parts are to big for the printer, how do I split into separate pieces ?
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