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  1. That only works when the G Code is for incremental moves.... my printer is absolute so a Z offset will not work as its ignored by the printer. Tried it already.... Rob
  2. Funny thing is I haven't changed ANYTHING.... it just quit working twice now. So what is getting changed is happening on its own without my input... Rob
  3. File is attached. opens fine in other applications and used to in Cura 4.1.0.... I'd be if I uninstall and reinstall Cura 4.1.0 it will work again for a while.... as it did last time this happened. Regards, Rob BOX.stl
  4. Its happening again.... will not properly open the model that it used to open just fine earlier today... This is what I get: Any ideas as to why? Cura 4.1.0 The STL file opens just fine in myPpowe Sspec edition of Cura....
  5. hmmm then the software that came with my machine is backwards.... The way I read it though when enabled it is supposed to avoid already printed areas when traveling.... it does not and smears the layer with lines. OFF works so I am just going to keep it off. In my mind retractions are a MUST for a clean print... Rob
  6. This is closed - unistalled and re-installed the program and it works again. not sure what knocked it out. Rob
  7. Hello All: I have discovered a bug and confirmed it by reviewing the generated G Code file. In the settings where combing is enabled it is supposed to generate retractions however its backwards. Combing = ON = No retractions and lines smeared on print during moves. Combing = OFF = Retractions are done. Below is a sniped of the code during what should be the first retraction - pay attention to the "E" value as it subtracts during one then goes back afterwards. Set to ON but does not retract: G1 X71.076 Y51.374 E60.18242 M204 S5000 G0 F3600 X72.058 Y50.226 G0 X73.208 Y49.483 G0 X126.68 Y50.792 M204 S2000 G1 F1800 X126.469 Y51.503 E60.23176 G1 X126.429 Y52.228 E60.28006 Same section set to Combing OFF - note the E value goes down then back up by 8mm which is my retract setting G1 X71.076 Y51.374 E60.18242 M204 S5000 G1 F3000 E52.18242 - This has the retraction of 8 mm G0 F3600 X126.68 Y50.792 M204 S2000 G1 F3000 E60.18242 - now it goes back to original value G1 F1800 X126.469 Y51.503 E60.23176 G1 X126.429 Y52.228 E60.28006 So somewhere a bit is flipped the wrong way when the G Code is generated.... Regards, Rob
  8. I will provide all this when I get home - not at home now. I can tell you the model had not changed nor had any software but it just quit working. The older version is a custom for Power Spec and I think its 16.0... will confirm later. Rob
  9. Hello: Just started having this problem - my STL files no longer open properly in Cura 4.1.0 and they used to until yesterday. When I try to slice it I get a slicing error and the rendering of the model it hashed in two colors not the normal solid color. The files are generated with 123D by Autodesk. The very same file opens in my version of Cura that came with my Power Spec i3 Plus printer.... so I know its not the file that is the issue. Anyone else having this and know how to fix it? I want to use the Ironing option but the older version does not have it.... Regards, Rob
  10. Ok I have found a way to do it. Requires manual edit of the G Code file on a few lines but it works. I have two separate files - one for the cover and one for the text I want on top in a different color. My cover is 2mm thick so I edit the G Code with the text to add 2mm to the Z parameter in the G90 command following each LAYER comment. in my case I have 5 layers of text so I had to change 5 lines of G Code. I load the G Code into WORD and use the "CTRL-F" to search for "LAYER:" to find the lines to edit... usually 2 below the layer comment is the G90 with x,y,and z absolute values. change the z values to raise the head over the top of the cover. this took about 3 minutes the first time to do it and save the new G Code file to the SD card for printing. My original Z values were 0.2, 0.4. 0.6. 0.8, and 1.0... they become 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, and 3.0. So I print the cover in color #1 and then load the text G Code that I edited, change the filament and print the second file in the second color. Do NOT remove the cover from the build plate or you will never get it realigned and it will slip during printing. Be sure the saved file is ".gcode" and not ".txt" becuase the printer will not recognize the ".txt" Also this is with "Marlin" flavor of G Code.... Tested this last night - it works. Cheers, Rob
  11. Update: I have done some digging into the G Code that Cura generates thinking that inserting a "Z" offset in the right spot to print the text above the plate and on top of the already printed cover using the new color filament would be easy to do as I am a programmer in "C" so I can understand this code stuff.... I see where to insert the offset in the G Code file. One major problem is Cura generates ABSOLUTE coordinates for all its moves. For my idea to work they would need to be incremental commands set to incremental mode using G91 command. G90 is used at the beginning of the file so all moves are absolute. So the offset has to come from Cura.... so how do I do this? There has to be a way I am certain. Would a different "Flavor" of G Code work here? I see there are a ton of settings but I do not know which ones my machine is compatible with. Please help here as I am running out of time to get this case made.... Regards, Rob
  12. Hello: I have created a box cover that is 2mm thick that I want to print some text on in a different color - Using Cura and trying to figure out how to do this. Tried the change filament at height but I think my machine ignores this command and does some real weird stuff like sitting and slow Z stepping when I do.... I have a Power Spec I3 plus 3D printer that came with an older version of Cura... tried both that version and latest I downloaded without luck. I also had the idea of having separate files - one with the text only bit it would need to start printing at 2mm Z height instead of 0mm.... can't figure out how to do this method either. Any ideas? Thanks, Rob
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