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  1. @tinkergnome thank you. Copying and modifying the file worked perfectly!
  2. @tinkergnome Hm, I can't seem to find it.
  3. Where is this file located on the Ultimaker 3?
  4. I've been looking around and there are conflicting reports of the Ultimaker 3 having a working controllable RGB led strip. The following command does not work: sendgcode M142 r- g- b- w- I then read that this would be changed to HSV, yet this also does not work. So what's up with the frame lighting? Is it even an RGB strip anymore? Is the GCode command simply broke?
  5. @tinkergnome there's a route for the camera object, one to retrieve the stream URL, one for redirection to the stream URL with a specific index and one to get the snapshot with a specific index. I don't know what the index is supposed to be or do, I was mainly interested in the camera object.
  6. @Smithy the request to retrieve the stream is actually the only camera API route I don't want to use 😛 Guess I'll have to wait until they release a fix, or capture the stream and create a workaround.
  7. All of the camera API URI's return 404 not found. Having digest authorization does not matter, I always get a 404. I have other requests working, I use the same headers and digest authentication. The printer is running the stable version
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