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  1. Hi @burtoogle, Thank you for the suggestions! I will try them.
  2. I'm printing with PCTG and printing on a steel build plate with blue painter's tape on it with glue.
  3. I have been printing roughly circular shaped parts so I do not have a corner to hide the z seam in, and I am having a big issue with how prominent it is. I am using a 2 mm nozzle and printing with PCTG because the parts are large and need to be very strong and impact resistant. The z seam on my prints is not bulging, but rather leaving holes and gaps in the prints. Having the gap running all the way through the print is not only unsightly but also a very big issue for using the parts. I cannot figure out how to get rid of it no matter what i try. The only way I've gotten a smooth print is with spiral mode, but I need infill and more than one perimeter so it doesn't work for what I need. Please help.
  4. I must've had some other settings on that wasn't allowing the bottom layer to change because I put all my settings back to recommended then I changed the top/bottom layers to 0 and it worked. Not sure why. In reference to the bottom layer not printing very well, short lines like the ones on the bottom of the model tend to pull up of the build plate. I use glue, slow down the first layer, increase extrusion temperature for first layer and I can't find anything that helps. Even a brim doesn't helps because the issue is when the nozzle travels after the short lines.
  5. I have been trying to slice this model I have and I don't want any top or bottom layers because it only requires one wall and the line pattern on the bottom tends not to print well with the large 2 mm nozzle I am using. I just want the bottom layer to start by printing the walls. I set the bottom and top layers to zero but the line pattern on the first layer will not change and I even tried changing the bottom pattern to concentric with 2 bottom layers and the yellow lines on the bottom of the preview will not change or go away. Please help.
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