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  1. Hi @CarloK, I did go through my post and I cannot find mentions for "it fails when adding to Marlin 1.1.x ." Nevertheless, enjoy your vacation.
  2. Hey @CarloK, is something like this https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware/blob/UM2.1_JarJar/Marlin/temperature.cpp#L552 that would connect that "direct register write"? if so, how can one compile it with Marlin 1.1.x? I follow the instructions, but no avail. Also, I found this version https://github.com/nullsibnelf/Marlin-for-UMOplus-UM2Extruders-E3Dv6lite that has the bltouch option, the hotend fan works, but there's no define ULTI_CONTROLLER. So very unfortunately the screen doesnt work.
  3. Hi CarloK, thank you for the heads up. Marlin 1.1.x works fine is just that hotend fan that doesnt turn on, and the leds on the controller that look pretty nice and it is not working either. I do not not how to make it a proper github fork, but it is the most reasonable suggestion that I heard so far. REgards,
  4. Thank you @tinkergnome, and I am not sure if the solution suggested in the previous thread resolved it. Nevertheless, I actually like more the Ultimaker 2 firmware than the marlin 1.1.x for various reason. Are you familiar with any version of the Ultimaker 2 firmware(official or not) w/ autobed leveling option in it?if not, how does it work to merge the autobed leveling option from the Marlin1.1x to the Ultimaker 2 firmware? Or could I use the Ultimaker 3 firmware configured to my hardware? regards,
  5. I am having the same issue. after dropping the file the message" this package will be installed after restating" but there is not button to connect.
  6. Howdy every one, I upgrade the UM2 firmware to Marlin 1.1.x version, so I could have access to BLtouch and some other extra features. The printer is working fine except for two things: The Hotend auto fan will not work, no matter what I do. (same issue as here : ) The controller leds behind the nob will not turn on. Is there anyone who have a fully working UM2 with BLtouch able to share the firmware files or help? Thank you in advance,
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