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  1. What is going on with this support material: I'm trying to print this Marvin model but the support material is showing up really weird in Cura's preview. I haven't yet attempted the print as it's a long print and uses quite a lot of filament but the weirs support material definitely starts and stops in both the preview mode and layer by layer animation. What on earth is going on?
  2. Arr, thank you @DivingDuck. I had used the search feature to find the "Initial Layer Flow" in the first place but failed to notice there was a separate "Skirt/Brim" flow. Giving that a go now. Thanks: 👍
  3. I'm not sure what my problem is but after a few rounds of tuning I can't seem to get my Initial Layer Flow setting to function. After printing a calibration test I found I had to reduce my flow to 84% and now get great prints however the "brim" on my first layer comes out a little stringy and separated, so I went to up my "Initial Layer Flow "back to 100% and was surprised to discover it was already at 100. Slightly concerned I thought the value may represent a 'change' from the standard flow (though must admit I thought it unlikely). In any event I tried changing to 120% but can't
  4. I have just received an A10M by Geetech and am having no end of trouble with it getting it to behave. At present I am attempting to print a 2-tone Benchy: I have the purple filament loaded into "Extruder 1" (E0) and white in "Extruder 2" (E1). It has taken a lot for me to work out what is going on but it seems it completes one layer, finishing off with say white. It then immediately begins the white part of the next layer (which is sensible enough) and when done with all the white bits on this layer the white extruder retracts and the nozzle heads off to th
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