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  1. I just fixed the issue and Smithy was right! It was the cable in my case. The 2 wires(of 4 total of heater bed cable) that have the rubber wrap had a break in my case. The wire touched the other, but when moving this resulted in the error. I found out by checking the wires with a multi meter. For your case Standard drift if you have checked the Ultimaker support and followed the er02 advice by switching nozzle and heater bed cable to determine what is causing the error. In my case it had to be the cable, but could not believe this because the error was not happening when pulling the cables as
  2. Thank you for your advise but I do not think that is the issue here. I tested it like this -> when I lower the plate by hand (when UM is off, and the on again) the error is gone. Nozzle and build plate work OK and heat up fine. If I imitate the similar forces on the wires by hand as if it was moving the build plate itself, I can't repeat the issue that way. The issue exists during the rise moment and happens at random heights, so I think its not a loose wire. Could something else alter currency in system that results in the ER02 report?
  3. I am having the ER02 on my Ultimaker 2+. I have checked the wires and they are OK. I can heat nozzle and I can heat the bed (so no issues to blame to wire, bed or motherboard) Problem is when the plate rises up it happens. When I restart I stays. Lowering the bed by hand makes me start it up again and all seems to work OK again, But when it raises the build plate the issue is back. The bed seems to make a 'hop' at that right moment of error. I made a short movie showing what is happening. Is this the motherboard issue? Also tried a stress test to the wires in working state by pulling and twist
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