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  1. Thanks! That did the trick. One last question: is there a way to keep the printer printing while removing the USB cable?
  2. Dear all, The laptop I am currently using to draw models and export printing files from Cura (version 4.3.0) does not allow communication with SD cards without BitLocker encryption. Therefore, my UM2 can't read the card. The only option that is left is to print via USB, which gives the following issue: When clicking "Print via USB", the head immediately starts to traveling (along a path that appears to be the correct contour of the product I am trying to print) , but without heating the bed and the nozzle, without raising the bed into the correct position and without extruding (feede
  3. I solved the issue eventually by having a reseller upgrade the machine to 2+. Topic can be closed.
  4. IS there anyone who can advice a service location close to my hometown Enschede (The Netherlands) where I can bring the machine and have it diagnosed/fixed?
  5. Dear gr5, Thanks for your response! The servos work normally. I measure about 30 ohms of resistance when disconnected from the PCB (wires don't seem corroded whatsoever. Any other suggestions? Best regards, Miron
  6. When I manually elevate nozzle temperature, I stays at ambient temperature. When I manually elevate the build plate temperature, error message ER03 occurs.
  7. Hi all, I have recently bought a second hand UM2. The very first time after the seller demonstrated me the working printer (but after transport), it gave a heaer error. A followed the tips on the troubleshooting page of Ultimaker: - The firmware was updated via Cura - The nozzle and temp sensor were checked for full insertion - The nozzle is nicely centered and does not make contact with the bracket - Then I replaced the heater block (which looked quite worn out) but still the same error. The last tip UM provides is that the heater cartridge is not strong enough. Does anyon
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