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  1. Well thanks anyway. I appreciate you taking an interest. Cheers Dean
  2. Hi @ahoeben I confess I'd never tried them before! I had always used the numeric boxes or just auto-arranged. I've just tried and none of the widgets work. Same symptom : the model just gets deselected. Cheers Dean
  3. Hi @ahoeben I'm not sure if you saw my reply to your questions yesterday - I just noticed that I didn't "@" you in the reply. If you have any ideas that might help I would be grateful - even if it is only a different method for rotating 🙂 Cheers, Dean
  4. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I've just tried this again. Still no luck. I can't see any change in colour when I mouse over the hoops (I've tried moving across and around them, hovering over them - nothing helps), It occurs with the hoop for each axis, I'm on Cura 4.3.0 so it shouldn't, I guess, be the same issue as reported by @NickB I should also say that when I started with Cura a few weeks ago it was Cura 4.2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 - I had the same problem then. I have since switched up to Cura 4.3.0 by grabbing a newer .AppImage (same problem) and then upgr
  5. Hi all. Hopefully this is just a noob question as I've only just joined the 3D printing community. I'm running Cura 4.3 on Ubuntu 19.10. Everything seems generally good with one significant exception: I can't rotate models. When I go into rotation mode the hoops appear but when I try to select them (left mouse button) they disappear and the model is unselected. Is there something wrong with what I am doing or is there another method for rotating models in Cura? Thanks in advance Dean
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