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  1. FACEPALM Nevermind. I figured out the issue. I had a reference block set to hidden that I absolutely forgot was there, and was exporting the entire scene from blender instead of the selected model. Ignore this post. I resolved it myself.
  2. Now, obviously the most logical answer is internal geometry, but this model has none. The larger hole is for a power bank, and the smaller for the cord. I take great care in my models so when something goes wrong, it's quite upsetting. Especially after having spent so long making it. Hell I even tried netfabb. That didn't work, either. I'll include that file as well. I don't think netfabb actually changed anything. I just don't understand it. There shouldn't be any reason for that hole to get filled up. In blender, that hole was made by extruding a face downward and
  3. As insulted as I admittedly feel that THAT was the first response... Yes. I did slice it, though it did not matter whether I had sliced it or not. An unsliced model in preview would appear as a translucent grey version of itself. No, when I say blank, I mean the entire render window was completely white. The render of the printing bed was gone. The grid was gone. The model was gone. Everything was gone, replaced by a white background of nothingness, where the only thing keeping my eyes company on the screen was the UI. Even using Ctrl + A to "select all" did not work, and I know th
  4. After slicing my model, I always go to preview to make sure things are doing exactly what I want them to do. After updating to 4.4, preview no longer shows anything in layer view. I can see my model in x-ray view but that is completely useless as it does not show supports or layers or infill.
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