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  1. I have asked Monoprice but they were not much help. The sd card had Cura 3.1.1 but after it is installed the wizard updates it to 4.0
  2. I received Cura with my Monoprice 3d printer. When I installed the program on Windows 8 computer and when it runs, the program runs into an error and the program stops. I am unable to use my printer successfully because I do not have the correct slicing software. I would appreciate assistance in finding out how to solve this problem. Thank you Casswms
  3. I got a new 3d printer and Cura 4.? came with the printer. I was unable to install Cura and later on I misplaced the sd-card that accompanied the printer. Are there any recommendations? I was running Windows 8 and I have a Monoprice MP10 mini.
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