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  1. Ill have to try that when i get the chance. Ive been running it at 195c but im also having issues with the extruder grinding the filament when the bed is level and the nozzle (seems) clear.
  2. So it mostly fixed the problem which is nice but there is another problem that ive been having issues and cant get it to stop with extrusion issues. The first layer goes down fine but after that the extruder won't extrude and tears up the filament... I've had this issue before and fixed it by unclogging the nozzle and re-leveling the bed but both of these things are fine. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm just gonna give up on this printer and get a new one that I know (or would be way more confident) wont be as big of a pain- like a Prusia or an Ultimaker. First attempt before I saw your post of a whole piece Second attempt after I saw your post Missing filament from extrusion error The extruder covered in shredded filament...
  3. I'll try that. I just also put a new nozzle on also that was in much better condition than the old one. (I didn't know it was that worn 😬).
  4. So I used to have this problem and fixed it before, and now it has returned full force and full of shredded filament. I was printing a raft for a part I was making and after the first layer went down (suspiciously well) the second layer was started and the extruder immediately started to shred the filament. The bed is level (just checked it) and if anything is a little bit too far off. The nozzle temp is well within the melting range of the filament and the extruder seems to be in good condition (good enough to shred so it should be able to push). I don't have any idea what is going on with this printer. Its been driving me absolutely crazy. Parts of layer missing from part due to extrusion issue The Extruder coated in filament dust
  5. Here is one of those posts for help were most of you roll your eyes while answering. So, I'm fairly new to 3D printing and just getting back into it after a long break and am unable to figure out what is causing this other problem. I'm trying to make a frame for a 6" (152-ish mm) silicon wafer I ordered off eBay. Long story of probably questionable buying choices aside, I was printing an early version of the frame that's going to hold the wafer in a glass frame. When printing the first layer begins to bubble up making the following layers look like garbage. I've tried decreasing the temps of both the nozzle and bed and decreased the speed. I may try using a raft instead of a brim for this one, but I'm kinda weary to use it because I don't know if removal of the part would cause it to break (especially since the part is just over half a mil thick). Hopefully one of you out there will be able to help me debug this problem. An image of the part with the wavy-ness to it
  6. This did help alot, but its still not as close as i would like it (still a bit of oozing than what should be on the tips). Ill try decreasing the temps a bit next since i set the setting back to default. Thanks for the help gr5 and geert_2! You may see me around the forums more because i have a few other (minor) issues to debug. 🙂
  7. I'm fairly new to 3D printing and just getting back into it after a long break and am unable to figure out what is causing this problem. I was 3D printing a little figure for fun and when it came down to the top of the sphere of the head or point on the back the filament just started to puddle up and pool. I also tried it on a model of just a pyramid. I've tried decreasing the temp, flow rate, speed and even tried a different filament with no luck. Hopefully one of you out there will be able to help me cause I'm over here pulling my hair out over this printer.
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