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  1. 3D model that was located in CURA at the middle of the cube floor, was printed in Artillery Sidewinder X1 at the front left edge, in a way that exceed printing bed. Any idea what did I miss?
  2. Sounds a simple change and good idea. I'll try it, but it couldn't be a work around for printing a ball …
  3. I have already used adaptive layer in the described issue (max variation 0.2, variation step size 0.1, topography size 0.1)
  4. Layer height is 0.2mm, the odd pattern appears in the low point center. I face the same issue when printing a ball …
  5. Hello I am trying to print a mold for a flatted ball (see "half mold" image). The resolution of the model is high (about 1M points, the STL file is about 100Mb - too heavy for sending...). Cube areas are sliced and printed perfect. Flatted ball areas are sliced strange and printed badly (see "sliced image" and "flatted ball..."). On printing a ball, I have faced similar issues. Are there any special parameters / method for slicing a ball? Any idea what I am missing? Thanks a lot
  6. Hello Attached please find a photo (name – s26) of a sculpture model I am trying to print as a mold. The second photo (name – "s26 print") is the inside view of the printed model. As you can see, I am facing 2 main issues: · The print includes some holes. I think it's a result of lack of support. I couldn't add support inside the head (neither automatic, nor manual (Support blocker)). If it's possible, please let me know how. · The inside part of the head includes strings from wall to wall (bridge wasn't selected) Both issues (holes and strings), prevent usin
  7. Smaller layer height and adaptive layers improve slicing but double time printing … Any other ideas?
  8. Hello In the attached image please find the problem I am facing. The middle image is a clip of slicing result of the 3D model. The upper and lower images show the mesh of the relevant parts. As you can see, a very nice mesh is input to the slicer (v4.6), but slicing at the marked area is not densely located. As a result, the printed object (at those areas) is flat and not convex (as it should be). Any idea how to improve slicing? Thanks a lot Udi
  9. Thanks for your response. I am new in the 3D printing area and was not aware to those parameters (acceleration control & jerk control). Do you recommend enabling them? Are there any guidelines regarding the circumstances that it's worthwhile to enable / disable them? Regarding the default parameters, I didn't find the exact naming, I found the following: · In the EEPROM: o X-axis-acceleration – 20 o Y-axis-acceleration – 20 o Z-axis-acceleration – 50 o Max Jerk – 5 o Max Z-Jerk – 0.3 · In the H file o Extruder max acce
  10. Attached please find the project file. Thanks a lot s17-apple girl - low poly - high part with 2 supports.3mf
  11. Hello I am using Cura for slicing and facing the following strange phenomena: 1) Actual printed time is about twice than the calculated printed time (by Cura) 2) Double printing velocity doesn't cut printing time by half. It cuts it by 20%. Any idea why? Thanks a lot…
  12. Hi Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I am not in the SW details anymore … · Can you send me detailed instructions what to do in order to be able to use your infill functionality? · Does your "Cura-mb-master-win64-20200328.exe" replace the "Cura.exe" with all its functionality? · I am using Cura 4.5, and my printer is running by arduino - Atmega2560. Can I run your application in this environment? · PI 4 – means - RASPBERRY PI 4? · Where should I find the libgles-dev package? Thanks a lot Udi
  13. hello Is there a way for infill in varies density – high density near the walls (shell), low density in the center of the model? Is it possible to define the level for high / low density?
  14. Yes, I am trying to get CURA to do this. If I am printing an object and want it to be hollow, why not defining shell thickness and print? Let's presume that we have a model of a glass that we want to print. Will I be able to define shell thickness and print? So why not if it's a box?
  15. Hello I want to hollow an object, leaving a shell thickness of about 10% . The shell will be composed of - first shell, infill, and second shell. Is it possible? How?
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