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  1. Thanks for your suggestion - even though it missed the mark, I appreciate the desire and attempt to help me :D I am a huge fan of your plugins in general - thank you for those :D And I'm happy to hear they are planning on reworking that functionality. For small models I quite enjoy it, but I was doing a full size prop bow in 8 parts, that was.... frustrating.
  2. I have a suggestion for an improvement for Cura. Just a small thing. From time to time, I use the Arrange Models functionality in Cura. And usually that works fine. But sometimes I enter an endless pit of calculation if I am doing a large scale overview of what a long term print would cost me to print. And the only way to cancel a started location calculation is to shut down the program. I would think it extremely convenient to have a cancel calculation function that simply stops calculation and goes back to the previous state, something like Ctrl+Z. Clearly I'm not a programmer, so maybe there's a good reason this can't be done. But I was bored while Cura is calculating and thought I would post the suggestion just in case it would be useful :D
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