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  1. After opening up the bottom panel and swapping the USB drive and camera connections, the USB continues to work, and the camera doesn't. So potentially a bad camera, and not a networking port issue. Ultimaker N.A. is helping me fix. Hopefully a camera replacement will do the trick. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I just received a new S3 from 3D Universe last week but have been unable to get the camera to work at all. It's running firmware 5.3.10. In Cura's Monitor tab, when I click the camera icon a grey tint appears on the screen, and the tint goes away when I click again. When monitoring in the web browser (Ultimaker Connect), when I click the camera icon, a black box appears, showing nothing. I know camera dropping is common with the S5 and might be patched in the next firmware (https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/30942-um-s5-camera-feed-stopping/) but wanted to know if anyone had this experience with the S3. Things I have tried: - Firmware upgrade - Power cycled multiple times - Performed a Factory Reset - Performed several Cura Connect Resets - Scanned the printer's IP address ( using nmap. Only port 80 is open, and also 22 if in Dev mode. - I get nothing when going to "" and "" - In Dev mode, running "systemctl restart mjpg-streamer@0" had no effect - Opened up the webcam housing, but all wires seem to be intact. - Forwarded port 8080 on my router (EdgeRouter X) to - Tried WiFi and ethernet. I've attached the boot log; at the end is where I entered Dev mode and tried to restart mjpg-streamer. I think the problem is that port 8080 on the S3 has not been opened, but I don't know how to do that. Appreciate any advice you can give. ultimakersystem-0030d620911d.
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