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  1. Hey there community! So in early 2017, I bought myself an Ultimaker 2 extended+. I had lots of cool projects accomplished thanks to this great printer. But the industry keeps evolving and recently I discovered for myself that on lower-end printers you can swap out stepper motor drivers on the motherboard. Then I found out that Trinamic stepper motor drivers can make printers virtually silent. That got me thinking about making my Ultimaker more ear-friendly because I currently live in a tiny 1 room flat and have the ability to add more stuff to it. Had a look around and BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo caught my eye https://www.biqu.equipment/collections/skr-series/products/btt-skr-v1-4-skr-v1-4-pro The description of this mainboard says that it supports Ultimaker printers but not much else. That got me wondering if somebody out there already done something like this. I was not able to find anything about replacing the UM2+ main board on the internet. No videos, no articles, nothing. The only things I was able to find are a few people that showcase dual nozzle mods on UM2 machines with very little info on how they pulled it off. So my questions are: Is it even possible or worth it to replace the UM2+ mainboard for an SKR 1.4? Why has nobody done it yet? Is it because people don't want to tinker with expensive printers like this? Is there some sort of guide on how to do it?
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