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  1. I cleaned the Z screw and tried various layer heights. The issue only occurred with the 0.16 height, not 0.12 or 0.20. I could see ‘squashed’ layers in the 0.12 Cura views. It wasn’t in the others. I’ve no idea why that would be? I did note another small surface artifact this time. Does anyone know of a likely cause? See the diagonal pattern, it’s on all faces.
  2. Thanks gr5. I'll give that a go over the next few days and then print that section again. I'll update with a post once done.
  3. Sorry gr5. The Z axis moves the nozzle up, the Y axis moved the bed horizontally and the X axis move the nozzle horizontally. And, it is PLA. So you are thinking a good clean and reset of the Z axis screw is the best place to start?
  4. Thanks gr5. The printer is an Ender 3 and the Z axis moves in one progressive direction, up. The nozzle is then moving on the X and Y axis. Just to clarify the image 2340 is a profile picture (of the vertical) where the slot or grove ends openly. But, it does show the crowding or over extrusion very well. I will check the Z axis and clean the screw, but my take from your observation is that there is likely an over extrusion problem I need to address. Is that correct? If you have any suggestions where to start the process of elimination in the Cura profile, that would be fantastic.
  5. Hi and I’m hoping someone in the community can assist me with a printing defect that occurs during some prints, but consistently when it appears on a design (object). The one I’m sharing here is a case that has a filleted grove along the middle of the top edge. I am using: Printer: Ender 3 pro Material: Creality ST-PLA Print Speed: 50mm/s Slicer: Cura 4.6.0 As can be seen in the attached images of the case, there is a layer distortion aligning with the start of the filleted section and is very pronounced on the corner. In addition to this distortion, the final layer prints wider than the width of the underling layers. I’m not sure whether they are related to two separate issues. The wall thickness design is consistent from top to bottom. The only change is the filleted grove within the wall thickness. I’d be interested in any suggestions I can try that may help me resolve the issue. I have also attached the profile I used to help isolate any config issues. Thanks in advance. 0.16 Profile for review.curaprofile
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